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Flights & Fly is committed to providing you with excellent customer support before, during, and after your trip. We have a team of friendly, professional, and knowledgeable travel experts who are ready to assist you with any questions, requests, or issues you may have.

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We have access to exclusive offline flight deals that are not available online or to the public. We work with a network of airlines, suppliers, and partners to offer you the best prices, discounts, and offers for your flight bookings. We can help you save money, time and give you the luxury experience.

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We understands that travel can be expensive and challenging, especially in these uncertain times. That is why we offer flexible payment plans that suit your budget and needs. You can choose to pay in full, in installments, or in advance, depending on your convenience and preference.

Worldwide Destinations

We have a wide range of destinations to choose from, covering all continents, regions, and countries. We can help you plan your itinerary, book your accommodation, arrange your transportation, and organize your activities. We can also customize your trip according to your interests.

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From the moment you step onboard to the time you touch down at your destination, Flights & Fly is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Join us on your next journey and experience the difference with Flights & Fly.

Aman Shah

United Kingdom

Flights & Fly exceeded my expectations with their punctuality. The flight departed right on time, and the captain kept us informed throughout the journey. It's refreshing to fly with an airline that values timeliness

Sam Ervin

United States

I had a fantastic experience flying with Flights & Fly. The service was top-notch, with attentive staff who went above and beyond to ensure passenger comfort. The in-flight entertainment options were also impressive, making the journey fly by

William Smith

United States

My recent flight with Flights & Fly was a breeze. From check-in to touchdown, everything ran like clockwork. The crew was friendly, the seats were comfortable, and the overall experience was smooth and efficient. I would definitely fly with them again.

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Flights & Fly has hundreds of satisfied customers who have enjoyed their flight bookings and travel experiences with us. We have received many positive reviews, testimonials, and feedback from our customers, who have praised our excellent customer support, exclusive flight deals, flexible payment plans, and worldwide destinations. If you want to join them and have the best travel experience of your life, please call us at our toll-free number. We look forward to hearing from you and making your travel dreams come true.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your go-to resource for answers to commonly asked questions about travel arrangements, bookings, and our services. Whether you're planning your next adventure or seeking assistance with an existing booking, we're here to provide you with all the information you need to make your travel experience seamless and stress-free.

Early reservations, at least six months before travel, are generally cheaper. Booking early provides more choices among airlines and departure dates since seats are readily available.

Last-minute reservations are often more expensive, especially during peak seasons when seats are scarce. It's not advisable to leave travel arrangements to the last minute.

Fares can vary among passengers even on the same flight due to promotional or discounted fares offered on a limited number of seats. It's recommended to book early to secure the best fares.

Group reservations should be made in advance as securing seats for a large group can be challenging. Some airlines offer special group flight fares, but these must be booked in advance.

To use a third-party card, the cardholder must fulfill certain requirements to verify consent, including providing scans of the card, passport, and signing an authorization letter.

After receiving your tickets via email, print them and keep them with your passport for airport check-in. additionally, verify your flight status 48 to 72 hours before departure, as schedules may change.

Ground Elapse/Touch Down: A 'DIRECT FLIGHT' may make a stop for refueling without requiring passengers to disembark. This brief stop is known as Ground Elapse or Touch Down. Package Holiday: This involves purchasing accommodations, flights, insurance, and other services from one company as a complete package. Exclusive vs. Inclusive Fare: Exclusive fare includes only the base fare, while inclusive fare covers both the base fare and taxes. Fare Breakdown: A breakdown of the fare and taxes on tickets can be provided upon request. Flight Taxes: Flight taxes consist of taxes applicable to the base fare, as well as government and airport taxes. Open Jaw Trip: An open-jaw trip allows for flying from one airport and returning to another. Handling Lost E-Tickets If an e-ticket is lost, contact the airline with your name to have the ticket resent. E-tickets can also be requested from travel agents.

E-tickets are electronic tickets sent via email or other channels. They eliminate the need for paper tickets and can be reprinted if lost.

Yes, infants (under 24 months) require a flight ticket. If you need a seat for your infant, you must book a ticket through your agent, paying a child fare, which can vary from 70% of the adult fare plus taxes. Alternatively, if you prefer to carry your infant on your lap, you may pay an infant fare (approximately 10% of the adult fare plus taxes) either at the airport or during reservation.

Using an open-jaw ticket, you can book flights returning from a different airport. For example, you can depart from Heathrow and return to Manchester if the airline operates flights to/from both airports. However, such tickets may be slightly more expensive than usual.
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